What are those round smooth shells you find on the beach?

At DKHQ the creative talents of individuals who use natural elements in their art often fascinate us. This holds true when we see shells made into jewellery or used as decorative placements in homes and businesses.

When DKHQ was asked to identify a bowl full of white round shells used for decoration purposes, we realised its potential as a new marine fact.

This round white item (see image above) is officially known as an operculum. Attached to the upper surface of the snail’s foot, it functions as a door to the snail’s shell. Like the door to your house, the snail uses the operculum to keep unwanted visitors out.

Unfortunately, sometimes our doors do not keep pesky visitors out. When you find an operculum washed up on the shore, it usually means the snail experienced an unwanted guest and is no longer alive.

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