Jelly Egg Cases

Over at #DKHQ we are frequently asked by Victorian beach lovers are these sea jellies (see image), and if so, can they sting you?

The simple answer to both questions is no.

This is a snail egg case laid by marine snails in the Family Naticidae, or commonly known in marine circles as moon snails.

These moon snails live under the sand, are carnivores and lay horse shoe shaped jelly casings between November and March.

If you gently pick one of these jelly casings up and look at it closely, you will notice many tiny dark dots inside. These are juvenile snails. Out of the thousand small dots, maybe only one juvenile will survive to sexual maturity. The jelly casing provides protection and nutrition to these developing juveniles.

For all those Victorian beach lovers out there, support marine reproduction the next time you are at the beach by minimising any impacts to these moon snail jelly casings.

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